Ethiopia Heirloom Whole Bean Coffee - Wood Roasted 250g

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Discover the unique flavours of our Wood Roasted Heirloom Ethiopia Coffee Beans, sourced from the Bule Hora region in Guji. Slowly roasted over wood, these beans retain more natural oils, offering a full-bodied, smooth coffee experience.

Indulge in Wood Roasted Coffee Beans from the Bule Hora, Guji region, carefully crafted through the Kercha Dry Mill's Natural processing method.

Grown at an altitude of 1850 - 2200 meters, our Heirloom Ethiopia beans boast tropical and floral flavour notes.

Experience the traditional Dry Milling process with our Wood Roasted Heirloom Ethiopia Coffee Beans from Bule Hora, Guji. This honoured method preserves the unique flavour profile of our beans, offering you a delightful, full-bodied coffee experience.

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