Brazil Tupi Whole Bean Coffee - Wood Roasted 250g

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Enjoy our sustainably sourced and wood-roasted Brazil Tupi Coffee Beans from Fazenda Pantano plantation in the Cerrado region. Experience rich praline, chocolate, and lime flavour notes in every cup.

Indulge in our Wood Roasted Brazil Tupi Coffee Beans, offering a full-bodied, smooth coffee experience thanks to a slower roasting process that retains more natural oils. Our Tupi Coffee is ethically sourced from the Fazenda Pantano plantation in the Cerrado region, using the Washed processing method to bring out its distinct flavour notes of praline, chocolate, and lime.

Grown at an altitude of 1080 meters, our Brazil Tupi Coffee Beans are responsibly sourced to ensure fair pricing for farmers and long-term, sustainable production in their communities.

The wood used for roasting our Brazil Tupi Coffee Beans comes from sustainably managed UK woodlands, further enhancing our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Fazenda Pantano plantation covers 600 hectares, with more than 100 hectares designated as permanent natural forest reserves, in compliance with Brazilian law. The farm supports a local school and offers training schemes and courses for its staff, ensuring a positive impact on the community.

Our Brazil Tupi Coffee Beans are Rainforest Alliance-certified, reflecting our dedication to environmental conservation and ethical practices.


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