Ethiopia Gesha Whole Bean Coffee - Wood Roasted 250g

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Taste the Fruity and Floral Notes of Ethiopia Gesha.

If you're craving something different, our Wood roasted, sustainably sourced, Single Origin Coffee is perfect for you. Our Ethiopia Gesha is a standout in our Wood Roasted collection, which features a coffee with a fruity and floral profile.

Offering a full-bodied, smooth coffee experience thanks to a slower roasting process that retains more natural oils.

This coffee boasts rich notes of forest fruits, orange peel, and jasmine. Our Gesha beans come from Gelana Gesha Dry Mill in Yirgacheffe, where they are grown at an altitude of 1500-1750m and processed using the natural method. 

These Ethiopia Gesha coffee beans are responsibly sourced to ensure fair pricing for farmers and long-term, sustainable production in their communities.

The wood used for roasting our Ethiopia Gesha coffee beans comes from sustainably managed UK woodlands, further enhancing our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Our Ethiopia Gesha coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance-certified, reflecting our dedication to environmental conservation and ethical practices.