Whip Up Perfect Dalgona Coffee at Home!

dalgona coffee

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the simplicity behind making the viral Korean coffee drinkdalgona coffee, at home.
  • Understand the essential ingredients needed for a luxurious and frothy coffee top.
  • Explore how dalgona coffee offers a customizable experience, suited for hot or cold preferences.
  • Gain insights on the cultural impact and popularity of this visually aesthetic, creamy coffee drink.
  • Learn the best techniques for achieving the signature dalgona coffee foam without specialised equipment.
  • Find out how to store your dalgona coffee creation for a lasting and fresh coffee experience.

The Origins of Dalgona Coffee

The story of dalgona coffee is as intriguing as its delicious taste. It was made famous by South Korean actor Jung Il-woo. The coffee’s name comes from a traditional Korean sweet with a honeycomb shape. Just like that sweet, Korean dalgona coffee boasts a creamy texture. This has made it loved worldwide.

In South Korea, coffee foam became a huge hit through TikTok, known as #TikTokCoffee. This drink became a part of everyday life for many. People from different places enjoy it. With just a few simple ingredients and tools, anyone can make it at home. This has brought the cafe experience into kitchens everywhere.

Here’s a table that shows how popular dalgona coffee is on TikTok, compared to other coffee trends:

Coffee TrendOriginPeak TikTok Hashtag Views (in billions)
Dalgona CoffeeSouth Korea2.0
Beaten CoffeeIndia0.1
Espresso MartiniWestern0.3
Flat WhiteAustralia/New Zealand0.2

The charm of dalgona coffee lies not just in its taste. It’s also about how it looks. The caramel fluff on top and milk below look gorgeous in a clear glass. This has made the drink very popular online. Many try to make their own Korean dalgona coffee because it looks so tempting.

  • The recipe is simple, making it easy for coffee fans to try.
  • It can be enjoyed hot or cold, according to what you like.
  • You can also get creative with toppings and different flavours.

To sum up, dalgona coffee comes from a sweet tradition but is now a global favourite. It has gone from a Korean candy to a worldwide coffee craze. Join in and try making this fluffy coffee yourself, one TikTok at a time.

The Must-Have Ingredients for Authentic Dalgona Coffee

Making authentic dalgona coffee starts with choosing the right ingredients. Each part, from the instant coffee to the sweetener, is key. They work together to create the creamy foam that dalgona coffee is famous for.

Choosing the Right Type of Instant Coffee

For the deep coffee base that dalgona is known for, instant coffee is a must-have. Brands like Nescafé Classic are preferred, thanks to their rich taste and how easily they dissolve. This helps achieve the fluffy texture we love.

Selecting the Best Sugar for a Stable, Fluffy Foam

The sugar type matters a lot for the foam’s stability and feel. Using granulated sugar, like white, brown, or coconut sugar, is best. It keeps the dalgona foam light and airy. These sugars sweeten the coffee and help form those well-known firm peaks.

Optimal Water Temperature for the Perfect Dissolve

The water’s heat is crucial too. Boiling water makes sure the instant coffee and sugar completely dissolve. This prevents any gritty bits and ensures a smooth mix that whips up beautifully.

  • Instant Coffee: A vital ingredient for its intense flavour and dissolvability.
  • Granulated Sugar: Adds the necessary sweetness and structure to the foam.
  • Boiling Water: Mixes everything smoothly for whipping.
  • Sugar Alternatives: Healthier choices like monk fruit sweetener are also good for a lighter option.
Sugar TypeBenefitsTexture
White Granulated SugarEasy to find and cheapMakes the classic sharp peaks
Brown SugarGives a deep, molasses flavourMakes a thicker foam
Coconut SugarBrings a caramel, fruity tasteResults in a grainy, textured foam
Monk Fruit SweetenerA no-calorie alternative to sugarKeeps the foam consistent with sugar versions

Customising Your Dalgona Coffee: Milk Variations and Substitutes

The charm of dalgona coffee lies in its flexibility. It offers a sweet spot for vegan milk varieties to shine. Enjoy it hot to warm up or cold to cool down. The creamy top blends perfectly with any milk substitute. Here’s how you can tweak your dalgona coffee with vegan milks.

  • Almond milk: Adds a gentle nutty taste, enriching the flavour.
  • Soy milk: Brings creaminess, closely resembling traditional dairy.
  • Oat milk: Provides a smooth, subtly sweet foundation.

Every milk substitute offers a unique twist while making dalgona coffee accessible to vegans and those avoiding dairy. Below, a table shows what each milk brings to your coffee.

Milk VariantTaste ProfileTexture ContributionEco-Friendliness
Almond MilkSubtly nutty and slightly sweetTends to be lighter, creates a contrast with the dense foamUses more water than oat or soy milk
Soy MilkNeutral taste with bean notesOffers a creamy texture, similar to dairy milkLargely eco-friendly, some soy farming concerns
Oat MilkSweet with a touch of oatsMakes coffee rich and thickBest for the environment, uses less water

Dalgona’s delicious taste stays great in the fridge or used right away. When you fancy a cup, just add the frothy mix over your chosen vegan milk. This brings the coffee shop vibe into your kitchen.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Frothy Dalgona Coffee

Begin your journey to perfect dalgona coffee with our simple guide. It shows how to make fluffy coffee. Start with the right amounts of each ingredient. This ensures a creamy drink every time.

Blending the Basics: Coffee, Sugar, and Water Ratios

Start your dalgona coffee with a basic 1:1:1 ratio. Use equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and boiling water. This mix is key for the frothy texture we all love in dalgona coffee.

Whipping Techniques: Hand Mixer vs. Manual Methods

After mixing your basics, it’s time to whip them. Use a hand mixer to quickly add air and fluffiness. Or whisk by hand for a rewarding, yet slower, way to reach stiff peaks.

Attaining the Ideal Consistency and Colour

The perfect dalgona coffee is fluffy and looks great too. Whip until it’s light peanut butter colour and creamy. Add a bit more sugar if you like it sweeter. Then mix this froth with your favourite milk.

IngredientQuantityWhipping Time (Approx.) with Hand MixerWhipping Time (Approx.) with Manual Whisk
Instant Coffee2 tablespoons1-2 minutes12-15 minutes
Sugar2 tablespoonsN/AN/A
Boiling Water2 tablespoonsN/AN/A
Milk (Hot or Cold)1 glassN/AN/A

With this guide, anyone can make impressive dalgona coffee. Enjoy the feel of a cafe-quality creamy coffee right at home.

Dalgona Coffee

Making the best dalgona coffee is more than just taste. It’s about a full sensory journey. This creamy coffee drink is famous worldwide, thanks to its smooth feel and flexible serving options. It’s perfect for any time, be it to cool off or warm up.

How to Serve Dalgona Coffee: Iced vs. Hot

There are two great ways to enjoy serving dalgona coffee: cold with ice or hot like a fancy café latte. The cold version mixes strong coffee with cooling ice, great for hot days. The hot one brings comforting warmth, perfect for cold mornings or a cosy night in.

Innovative Presentations: From Glassware to Garnishes

Dalgona coffee’s joy also lies in how you present it, allowing for creativity. Glassware choice matters a lot, affecting how it looks and feels. Adding toppings like cocoa, caramel swirls, or spices makes it even more enticing.

To make it even more special, try pairing it with treats like rich brownies or banana bread. It turns drinking dalgona coffee into a memorable, joyous moment. Each sip is a chance to savour a delightful experience.

Hacks for the Perfect Dalgona Coffee When You Lack Tools

Do you want the viral TikTok coffee but don’t have a hand mixer? Don’t worry. You can still make a perfect Dalgona coffee at home. A hand frother is a great alternative. It froths your coffee quickly and easily, especially when you don’t have common tools.

If you like to put effort into your cooking, try whisking coffee by hand. The trick is using a fast zigzag motion to add air to the mix, making it fluffy. Though it’s a bit of work and might take around 15 minutes, it’s very effective.

  • Stand Mixer: A stand mixer with a whisk attachment works well. It whisks consistently, saving your arms from getting tired.
  • Manual Hand Frother: Less advanced than electric frothers but works great. It’s affordable and easy to clean and store.
  • Regular Whisk: Don’t overlook a simple whisk; it’s designed to add air and get the right fluffiness.

Storing Your Dalgona Coffee: Tips for Freshness

Keeping your dalgona coffee fresh is easier than it seems. To preserve that perfect coffee foam, use your fridge well. By storing it in the fridge, your coffee stays delicious for up to five days. This way, your frothy favourite is ready for you every morning or afternoon.

If you make a lot of coffee at once, use an airtight container to keep it fresh. This method stops the coffee from losing its fluffiness. Plus, stirring your coffee before you drink it can make it creamy again. It feels like your first sip of smooth heaven.

Whether you’re always busy, a coffee lover, or just enjoy making great coffee, these storage tips can improve your coffee game. They ensure your coffee foam stays high-quality and brings luxury to your doorstep. When you store your dalgona coffee right, its taste and texture stay perfect, ready for you to enjoy anytime.


Why is dalgona coffee so bitter?

Dalgona coffee’s bitterness largely comes from the type of instant coffee used in its preparation. Instant coffee tends to be more concentrated and can have a stronger, more bitter taste compared to freshly brewed coffee. The amount of sugar and the type of milk used can also affect the overall taste. Experimenting with the coffee-to-sugar ratio and trying different milk varieties (including plant-based alternatives) can help balance the bitterness to suit your palate.

How many calories are in dalgona coffee?

The calorie content of dalgona coffee can vary based on the ingredients used. A standard serving made with 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of hot water, and about 240 ml (1 cup) of whole milk contains approximately 200-250 calories. Using a sugar substitute or a lower-calorie milk option, like almond or skim milk, can significantly reduce the calorie count.

Can you make dalgona coffee with real espresso?

While traditional dalgona coffee recipes call for instant coffee due to its ability to froth up well, you can experiment with real espresso. However, espresso might not whip as easily into the frothy, creamy texture characteristic of dalgona coffee. If you prefer using real espresso, consider using a thicker sweetener like honey or maple syrup to help achieve a frothier consistency, but keep in mind the texture and taste may vary from the original.

Is dalgona coffee the same as whipped coffee?

Yes, dalgona coffee is essentially the same as whipped coffee. The term “dalgona” comes from a South Korean sugar honeycomb toffee, reflecting the drink’s sweet, frothy texture. “Whipped coffee” is a more general term for the method of whipping coffee, sugar, and water into a creamy foam. Dalgona coffee gained popularity under this name through social media, especially in South Korea, hence the specific nomenclature.

What does dalgona coffee taste like?

Dalgona coffee offers a unique taste experience; it’s rich, creamy, and has a velvety texture. The frothy top layer is intensely flavoured with coffee and sweetness, which contrasts beautifully with the milk underneath. When mixed, it creates a balanced beverage that has the robust depth of coffee with the smoothness and slight sweetness reminiscent of a latte. The flavor can be adjusted based on the amount of sugar and type of milk used, allowing for a customizable coffee experience.

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