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About Charcoal Coffee

Welcome to The Charcoal Coffee Company, a pioneer in the UK's coffee scene. Our journey began with a simple question: Could we enhance the coffee experience by revisiting traditional roasting methods? This curiosity led us to explore charcoal roasting, a technique revered in Japan and Indonesia for its ability to unlock deep, complex flavours.

At Charcoal Coffee, we've embraced the art of open charcoal roasting. This method, akin to an expertly managed barbecue, imparts our beans with a smoky richness, layering caramelised notes atop each bean's inherent taste. Our roasting approach offers a surprising depth and smooth mouthfeel, true to its roast level.

Sustainability is at our core. We source our charcoal from Welsh woodlands managed with ecological care, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Our single-origin beans, ethically and sustainably sourced, reflect the seasonal best from around the globe. As a micro roaster, our offerings evolve, bringing new and exciting flavours regularly.

Our approach to packaging mirrors our respect for nature. We opt for simplicity, using eco-friendly kraft paper and minimalistic labels. Embracing a circular economy, we repurpose received packaging for shipping our orders, reducing our environmental footprint. Join us in this flavour revolution, where each cup is a journey to sustainable, artisanal excellence.

The Charcoal Coffee Company Team